Thursday, October 9, 2014


Yes, I finally made a blog. It took me so long because I was so afraid what people would think about. I thought too much and I did nothing, zero.
I am a newbie to this blogging thing so please bare with me.
A little information of myself... How about the 20 facts that people tag people on Instagram?

  1. I have 3 sisters and 1 tiny brother, shocker!
  2. I am currently studying in Singapore. NAFA, exactly. Taking the graphic communication.
  3. This is actually embarrassing but (oh well) I have Shots account which is full of my random faces.
  4. I active Instagram-ing, sometimes on twitter (I quote, #LOL), Facebook for my school, and this blog, yippies!
  5. Yas, I have 3 boyfriends! Woot-woot!
  6. I really can't draw on paper (almost everyone thinks I can).
  7. I love nice quotes or words. Even though sometimes I don't understand the meaning, it is just read in my mind beautifully. Get it?
  8. I think smart girls are sexy, as well for the boys!
  9. Since I moved to Singapore, McD has stolen *literally* whole of my heart... I tried every monthly menu they had.
  10. I was a rebel, hot-tempered, bossy girl. Maybe still now but I think I reduced some. Hehe.
  11. I am not a very friendly person on chat.
  12. I used to like Lotso but now I am nuts about Brown and his friends from LINE!
  13. I love preparing a birthday surprise, designing invitations. But I don't like throwing a big party with spotlight on me. Like I invited only my 4 best friends to my sweet seventeenth's dinner. Yay? YAY!
  14. Bean curd is my life.
  15. I am not declaring myself as a fashion blogger. Probably a style blogger?
  16. I keep forgetting something to bring or to remember. Or where I put my stuff. I just can't run from 'forgetting'. I hate you 'forgetting' in a particular way!
  17. I admire Asia's beauty. Such as @imjennim, Girls Generation, Gianna Jun (she is the truly goddess).
  18. Easily cry on animated movie such as Toy Story 3, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, you name it. It's not weird, isn't it?
  19. Also I wasted my life on Korean drama. I always feel my life sucks after watching one.
  20. I dream so big that I have this disturbing pessimistic.

To close this post, here is my so-throwback picture with my favourite ones!

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