Friday, March 20, 2015


I have been admiring Nicole Richie's style lately! Thanks to my sister, Felicia, who introduced me to the latest Nicole's show: Candidly Nicole. It is hilarious. Back to her style, it is hippie with a touch of preppy. She usually wears blazer over her loose t-shirt and it is simply amazing.

I am a petite so I tailored the pants to make it a high waist type making my legs look longer. You should try to make everything high waist if you have a problem like me ;)
The cullote pants are in trend right now. It seems like everyone (including me) wearing this hot item! Well again, short girls, do remember to make it high waist and pair it with any height heels.

The top also amazing. There's a lace trim on the top and longer on each side.

Gold flower crown - Zara
Navy lace inner - The Editor's Market
Camel brown cullote - The Editor's Market
Black shoes - The Editor's Market

If I don't feel like wearing necklace, I wear a headpiece. It gives attention to hair and face. It is just a little gorgeous detail to outfit.
Have you watched Cinderella movie? OMG. It. Still. Is. Dreamy! I noticed that she wears a flower crown headpiece at the closing scene, her wedding. So... yup, wearing it today because still dreaming about it.

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Later! <3

Friday, March 13, 2015


I have fallen deep into addiction to lips colour. Real DEEP. So I have this pouch filled with anything relates to lips. I am not a beauty guru, but I want to share my lips shades to you as a friend! Haha. That sounds pretty creepy...

Before the colours and all, I always start with these basic babies.
I hate drinking water, which is bad. It makes my lips chapped, which is depressing. But since I found Maybelline Dr. Rescue, it is not a problem anymore! Anyway, still learning to love consuming water... I wear the fresh mint to moisturise and let it dry first.
Then if I feel like wearing really bright colour, I apply the Etude Color Me Nude which is the lips concealer.
When I want to rest from all the colour, I only wear Maybelline Lips Glow which will give moisturise and a little bit pink colour. Then ready to go!

The TOPSHOP rangers were my first lipsticks. They give matte colour and bold enough to attract the attention. The colours easily absorb to my lips, so I only stroke a little bit to my lips then blend them with my finger. The price is about 20SGD but there's always a promotion of buy one get one. YAAAAY! Cheap make up doesn't mean it is not good. But I don't think TOPSHOP produced these colours anymore. The good news is the new colours are amazing, you should check the counter, SOON!

Whenever I am confused choosing between red or pink to wear, I choose the Oriflame lipstick. It is like in the middle?
The YSL no. 52 is popular because Cheon Song Yi wore it in the 'You Who Came from The Starts' Kdrama! I am a big fan! I love how the colour give the feminism to my face. Thanks to my Mom who bought it when I could not afford it. *cry*
The last one is orange colour from Etude. I bought the colour because I saw @imjennim wearing it and I thought 'I GOT TO HAVE THIS!'.

This NYX babe blows my mind. It is a lip cream with a lipstick result. Like the name, the texture is creamy and it tastes yummy... I'm not kidding. The other colours are amazing. My sister, Windy, collected the colours. I stole this colour from her collection! This is like little sister's advantage.

It is my only one lip gloss from Holika Holika. I usually wear the gloss after lipstick to give the blings.

I bought it because it is cute, nothing else. Blinded girl...

The last tip is when you got bored with your colours, you can mix them up. Bam! You got the new colour without buying.
See ya later! *kisses*
Tsum-Tsum 20cm Plush from @uqkoshop (Instagram)

Monday, October 13, 2014


I had never been to Halloween Horror Night before. So I decided to go to the annual event with my Krazy Sister, Windy Wuisan. We were so excited that we planned our outfit, our lipstick, tiny-little things... We always do discussion before we meet because we love to take of photos each other. She is such a yayness.

I think the easiest colour palette to arrange an outfit is the basic colour. Such as these commonly black and I added contrast with the wide nude pants.
Felicia, my sister, said that for a petite girl (height 160cm and below) should wear these wide pants because we will look so much taller! Can you tell?

Hat - Pull and Bear
Chocker necklace - Topshop
Cut out bralette - The Editor's Market
Wide pants - Christina Lee! (my dear friend)
3 ways bag - Topshop
My favourite boots - The Editor's Market

This top wrapped me like I am her girlfriend! Love it a bunch.

Here is Windy's outfit. She said that she was inspired by the girl in the Adam's family.

So we finally went to the #HHN4, just the two of us. Some said we were insane. We did like 3 scare zones? We waited on the line for about 30 minutes for the first scare zone. When we reached the entrance, I was very scared that I decided not to enter. But a guy said it was okay and Windi told me it would be such a waste if I didn't come in. I did go through the scare zone! I screamed like almost every time they scared me! I am a scaredy cat, maybe will be always. *sighs*
However I was pretty proud to go into other scare zones. Ha-Ha!

We forgot to charge our camera's battery. It was so dark that both of our handphones could not get pretty pictures. However I took a photo with an alien, standing applause for the makeup and the wardrobe!

Maybe he could be my Do Min Joon? LOL.

A high recommendation for the Halloween Horror Night! SO SO MUCH FUN.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Yes, I finally made a blog. It took me so long because I was so afraid what people would think about. I thought too much and I did nothing, zero.
I am a newbie to this blogging thing so please bare with me.
A little information of myself... How about the 20 facts that people tag people on Instagram?

  1. I have 3 sisters and 1 tiny brother, shocker!
  2. I am currently studying in Singapore. NAFA, exactly. Taking the graphic communication.
  3. This is actually embarrassing but (oh well) I have Shots account which is full of my random faces.
  4. I active Instagram-ing, sometimes on twitter (I quote, #LOL), Facebook for my school, and this blog, yippies!
  5. Yas, I have 3 boyfriends! Woot-woot!
  6. I really can't draw on paper (almost everyone thinks I can).
  7. I love nice quotes or words. Even though sometimes I don't understand the meaning, it is just read in my mind beautifully. Get it?
  8. I think smart girls are sexy, as well for the boys!
  9. Since I moved to Singapore, McD has stolen *literally* whole of my heart... I tried every monthly menu they had.
  10. I was a rebel, hot-tempered, bossy girl. Maybe still now but I think I reduced some. Hehe.
  11. I am not a very friendly person on chat.
  12. I used to like Lotso but now I am nuts about Brown and his friends from LINE!
  13. I love preparing a birthday surprise, designing invitations. But I don't like throwing a big party with spotlight on me. Like I invited only my 4 best friends to my sweet seventeenth's dinner. Yay? YAY!
  14. Bean curd is my life.
  15. I am not declaring myself as a fashion blogger. Probably a style blogger?
  16. I keep forgetting something to bring or to remember. Or where I put my stuff. I just can't run from 'forgetting'. I hate you 'forgetting' in a particular way!
  17. I admire Asia's beauty. Such as @imjennim, Girls Generation, Gianna Jun (she is the truly goddess).
  18. Easily cry on animated movie such as Toy Story 3, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, you name it. It's not weird, isn't it?
  19. Also I wasted my life on Korean drama. I always feel my life sucks after watching one.
  20. I dream so big that I have this disturbing pessimistic.

To close this post, here is my so-throwback picture with my favourite ones!