Monday, October 13, 2014


I had never been to Halloween Horror Night before. So I decided to go to the annual event with my Krazy Sister, Windy Wuisan. We were so excited that we planned our outfit, our lipstick, tiny-little things... We always do discussion before we meet because we love to take of photos each other. She is such a yayness.

I think the easiest colour palette to arrange an outfit is the basic colour. Such as these commonly black and I added contrast with the wide nude pants.
Felicia, my sister, said that for a petite girl (height 160cm and below) should wear these wide pants because we will look so much taller! Can you tell?

Hat - Pull and Bear
Chocker necklace - Topshop
Cut out bralette - The Editor's Market
Wide pants - Christina Lee! (my dear friend)
3 ways bag - Topshop
My favourite boots - The Editor's Market

This top wrapped me like I am her girlfriend! Love it a bunch.

Here is Windy's outfit. She said that she was inspired by the girl in the Adam's family.

So we finally went to the #HHN4, just the two of us. Some said we were insane. We did like 3 scare zones? We waited on the line for about 30 minutes for the first scare zone. When we reached the entrance, I was very scared that I decided not to enter. But a guy said it was okay and Windi told me it would be such a waste if I didn't come in. I did go through the scare zone! I screamed like almost every time they scared me! I am a scaredy cat, maybe will be always. *sighs*
However I was pretty proud to go into other scare zones. Ha-Ha!

We forgot to charge our camera's battery. It was so dark that both of our handphones could not get pretty pictures. However I took a photo with an alien, standing applause for the makeup and the wardrobe!

Maybe he could be my Do Min Joon? LOL.

A high recommendation for the Halloween Horror Night! SO SO MUCH FUN.


  1. both of you is really cool. you are from surabaya right? i think i saw you in Premier digital printing few months ago hahaha. nice to know y'!


    1. Wow thank you! Nice to know you too, Rima! ��