Friday, March 13, 2015


I have fallen deep into addiction to lips colour. Real DEEP. So I have this pouch filled with anything relates to lips. I am not a beauty guru, but I want to share my lips shades to you as a friend! Haha. That sounds pretty creepy...

Before the colours and all, I always start with these basic babies.
I hate drinking water, which is bad. It makes my lips chapped, which is depressing. But since I found Maybelline Dr. Rescue, it is not a problem anymore! Anyway, still learning to love consuming water... I wear the fresh mint to moisturise and let it dry first.
Then if I feel like wearing really bright colour, I apply the Etude Color Me Nude which is the lips concealer.
When I want to rest from all the colour, I only wear Maybelline Lips Glow which will give moisturise and a little bit pink colour. Then ready to go!

The TOPSHOP rangers were my first lipsticks. They give matte colour and bold enough to attract the attention. The colours easily absorb to my lips, so I only stroke a little bit to my lips then blend them with my finger. The price is about 20SGD but there's always a promotion of buy one get one. YAAAAY! Cheap make up doesn't mean it is not good. But I don't think TOPSHOP produced these colours anymore. The good news is the new colours are amazing, you should check the counter, SOON!

Whenever I am confused choosing between red or pink to wear, I choose the Oriflame lipstick. It is like in the middle?
The YSL no. 52 is popular because Cheon Song Yi wore it in the 'You Who Came from The Starts' Kdrama! I am a big fan! I love how the colour give the feminism to my face. Thanks to my Mom who bought it when I could not afford it. *cry*
The last one is orange colour from Etude. I bought the colour because I saw @imjennim wearing it and I thought 'I GOT TO HAVE THIS!'.

This NYX babe blows my mind. It is a lip cream with a lipstick result. Like the name, the texture is creamy and it tastes yummy... I'm not kidding. The other colours are amazing. My sister, Windy, collected the colours. I stole this colour from her collection! This is like little sister's advantage.

It is my only one lip gloss from Holika Holika. I usually wear the gloss after lipstick to give the blings.

I bought it because it is cute, nothing else. Blinded girl...

The last tip is when you got bored with your colours, you can mix them up. Bam! You got the new colour without buying.
See ya later! *kisses*
Tsum-Tsum 20cm Plush from @uqkoshop (Instagram)

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  1. Beautiful post! Loving all the lip colours featured. Topshop is amazing, right?

    Bridget xx